A Spoonful of Anna

Hi! I’m Anna. Wurble.net is my attempt at a personal website.

What does “wurble” mean, you ask? It means anything you want it to mean. The classic example of its usage is “I’m going to go wurble my homework now.” This can mean “I’m going to go fall asleep now,” or “I’m going to eat an avocado,” or “I’m going to dance and spin around the room,” or even “I’m going to actually do my homework now.” It happens to be one of my favorite words.

I’m also fond of utensils, especially forks and spoons. If you get the chance, ask me to dance like a spoon for you, and you may be amused.

Feel free to look around here. A Spoonful of Syllables is my blog (you can look at the public section, or you can register and drop me an email about who you are so you can read the private section), and Phrontistery of Pixels is my photo gallery.